About the IPTM

The Port and Maritime Transport Institute (Instituto Portuário e dos Transportes Marítimos, or IPTM) was set up by Decree-Law No. 257/2002 of 22nd November, as a legal person with administrative and financial autonomy and its own property, resulting from the merger between the Port and Maritime Institute (Instituto Marítimo-Portuário or IMP), the Port Institute of the North (Instituto Portuário do Norte or IPN), the Port Institute of the Central Region (Instituto Portuário do Centro or IPC), the Port Institute of the South (Instituto Portuário do Sul or IPS) and the Douro Navigation Institute (Instituto da Navegabilidade do Douro or IND). It is based in Lisbon and has delegations in Viana do Castelo, Peso da Régua, Figueira da Foz and Faro. Its functions include: supervision; coordination of planning and strategic development; standardization, regulation and control in the ambit of Port and Maritime Administration; and the management of secondary ports in continental Portugal (those that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the five Port Administration Authorities) and of navigation on the River Douro. The Port and Maritime Transport Institute, I.P. is included in the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications. (Decree-Law No. 79/2005, of 15th de April).

For more information, consult the website http://www.iptm.pt